QE biologist is one of the best in the world

QE biologist is one of the best in the world

Vasanth Sritharan (2004-2011) has been placed in the global top 100 in the International Biology Olympiad (IBO). Vasanth was one of only four UK students selected for the international competition in Chinese Taipei, where he was placed 93rd and picked up a bronze medal.

“This is a splendid achievement by Vasanth,” said Headmaster John Marincowitz. “Very few students are chosen to represent their country in these international science Olympiads, so to be placed in the top 100 in the world is a truly excellent result.”

Vasanth competed against 227 IBO finalists; all students of the highest calibre from 60 countries. The competition ran over a week and the competitors were addressed by Taiwan’s Vice President Vincent Siew at the opening ceremony, with Prime Minister Den-Yih Wu paying them a surprise visit for the awards ceremony at the end.

The aim of the Olympiad is to bring together young people from different backgrounds and cultures to compete against each other in an intellectually stimulating and challenging, but friendly and peaceful, environment.

Vasanth has been offered a place to read medicine at Christ’s College, Cambridge, if he secures an A* grade and two As in his A-level results this summer.