QE boys join 3 million in Europe-wide mathematics contest

Forty-two QE boys qualified for this year’s Intermediate Mathematical Kangaroo competition, which is for Years 9 to 11.

Six of the candidates – Rajan Mistry, John Sime, Rahul Mukherjee, Andrew Wang, Nayen Vaghjiani, and Calum O’Sullivan – were awarded certificates of merit, which go to the top 25% of entrants. The remaining 36 gained certificates of participation after sitting the one-hour paper.

Like the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad, the Kangaroo is a follow-on round from the UK Mathematics Trust’s Intermediate Mathematical Challenge. However, while the Olympiad is a UK competition, the Kangaroo is a Europe-wide competition in which more than 3 million pupils take part. The competition’s name derives from the fact that it was inspired by the Australian Mathematics Trust.