QE’s outstanding performance sustained, says Ofsted

Ofsted has once again praised Queen Elizabeth’s School in its latest assessment – effectively giving the School its fifth consecutive ‘outstanding’ rating.

HM Chief Inspector of Schools, Christine Gilbert, has written to QE parents to give them the results of an ‘interim assessment’ which looked at factors including academic performance and attendance. QE last received a full inspection in January 2008, when it was judged ‘outstanding’ against all 26 of Ofsted’s criteria.

Following a change in legislation, schools with ‘outstanding’ ratings are no longer to be routinely inspected unless concerns are raised about their performance.

“I am pleased to inform you that our interim assessment indicates performance has been sustained and that we will not be inspecting your School unless we receive further information that raises concerns,” wrote Mrs Gilbert.

The Headmaster, John Marincowitz, welcomed the findings: “The School is almost unique in that it has now had five consecutive ‘outstanding’ Ofsted ratings since 1994. I am sure parents will be most pleased to see that in the opinion of Ofsted, standards are being maintained.

“Such a record is the result of the consistent hard work and application of our staff and students,” concluded Dr Marincowitz.