Read all about it: The Queen’s Library Newsletter

The first issue of a new publication exclusively for pupils, The Queen’s Library Newsletter, has been published.

The 12-page newsletter includes updates on latest developments in the Library, as well as an interview with Librarian Ciara Murray, book reviews, a Sixth Form section and guidance for using the Library.

Spearheaded by Year 9 pupil Rishi Shah (pictured just below), with contributions by other boys, the project was overseen by Ms Murray. The newsletter can be read by the boys on the eQE Learning Network – the School’s extensive online facility, which also covers all the academic subject areas.

""The publication’s prime front-page slot features important snapshots including:

  • “We now have over 5,000 books – nearly 2,000 of these are fiction.”
  • “As of September 2015, we also have a new DVD collection.”
  • “Our most popular book is Robert Muchamore’s Mad Dogs, which has been borrowed a whopping 106 times!”

""Published in PDF format, the newsletter highlights an online questionnaire that has been prepared for Years 10 and 11 to ask them for their views about the Library. A full page is also devoted to a colourful advertisement inviting boys to apply to become pupil librarians.

Those who enjoy a challenge can tackle the Book Expert quiz on page 9, while the final page is devoted to a 25-line, Library-themed word search devised by editor Rishi.