Rugby Sevens: “a splendid day of sport”

Teams from 30 leading schools from across the country travelled to Barnet for the 39th annual Queen Elizabeth’s School Seven-a-Side Rugby Tournament

Always an eagerly awaited date in the Spring Term calendar, the Sevens proved again to be popular at both U14 and U16 level, with a total of 61 teams taking part.

The competition draws entrants from both the independent and state sectors, including such well-known public schools as Eton College, Dulwich College and Rugby School.

“It was a splendid day of sport and we were fortunate to be able to enjoy clement weather this year,” said the Headmaster, Neil Enright.

""“My congratulations go to the PE and Games Department for the efficient organisation of such a complex event and to the many volunteers, including those from the Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s, for serving our guests so cheerfully.”

The day features firstly group stages and then knockout competition. The eight winners of the respective group stages play each other in a knockout for the main prize, and the eight group stage runners-up take each other on in a knockout for the plate competition.

""The results were:


  • Winners: Reigate
  • Runners-up: Wellington
  • Plate winners: Whitgift
  • Plate runners-up: Coopers’ Company and Coborn


  • Winners: Wellington
  • Runners-up: New Hall
  • Plate winners: Hampton
  • Plate runners-up: Dulwich

""This year’s results bore little resemblance to those in 2014. Whitgift was the only entrant to feature on the leaders’ board in both years: by winning the U16 Plate, this Croydon independent school went one better than last year when it was runner-up.

The tournament is believed to be the country’s second-biggest schools sevens event, as well as the only one for which there is no entrance fee. Ten full-size pitches are pressed into service, including all those belonging to the School, as well as pitches at Barnet RFC.

""Teams arrive from 8.30am and the day concludes with the final presentation of trophies by the Headmaster at around 6pm.

The FQE volunteers provide refreshments including bacon baps, hot soup and baked potatoes & chilli. Many QE boys help out on the day by acting as runners, delivering results and passing on information between pitches. St John Ambulance volunteers are on hand to provide any medical assistance required.

Finals' results from 2015 Tournament

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