Shining star: Yusuf wins silver and gold

A Year 7 boy has returned in triumph from the 8th European Karate Championships in Italy.

Yusuf Karim won a silver medal in the strongly contested Individual Kata category at the WUKF (World Union of Karate-Do Federation) event in Montichiari in northern Italy. He was competing against a strong field of more than 70, including, from the last World Championships, the reigning Italian world champion and gold medallist, as well as the Romanian silver and bronze medallists. Yusuf scored a personal best in the second round.

He was also a gold medal-winner in the Team Kata category, with England beating the world-champion Italian team in their native country.

""In the Individual Kumite category, he fought two matches and reached the quarter-finals.

Back home, Yusuf is keen to use his skills to contribute to the community: he has recently started coaching and mentoring lower belts at his club. He started in the sport four years ago and has enjoyed success at last year’s Welsh Open and at this year’s Polish Open, UK Open and at the World Championships in Dublin.