Stapylton triumph in Year 7 Maths Fair

Stapylton House have been awarded the Scarisbrick Shield after their victory in the Year 7 Maths Fair.

Stapylton’s total of 761 points gave the House first place at the completion of the two-day event, ahead of Underne with 753 and Pearce in third place with 731. Harrisons’, captained by Leo Dane-Liebesny, won the award for creating the best poster, which is now displayed in the Mathematics department.

Stapylton’s winning team captain, Rahul Doshi, said: “Our form had a lot of fun at the Maths Fair and we’re really delig hted we won.”

The fourth annual Maths Fair involved a carousel of activities, from familiar problem-solving rounds – A Question of Maths – to more practical challenges, such as ‘tangrams’ (puzzles consisting of seven flat pieces, usually made of wood or plastic, that have to be put together to form shapes). The teams then took part in the relay event, which combines speed in movement around the room with speed in solving a Mathematics problem.

""All six houses were also required to create a poster entitled What is Mathematics? that encompassed the many facets of the subject. There were a number of teams within each House, each of which was given the task of creating one part of the poster. The teams were asked to prepare in advance by coordinating the different sections of the poster.

Harrisons’ poster coordinator, Conall Walker, said: “I had fun trying to coordinate the word ‘Maths’ into the poster.”

""Assistant Head of Mathematics Wendy Fung said: “The idea of the Year 7 Maths Fair is to show boys that mathematical problems come in many different formats as well as to help them develop team-working skills.”

Each team was supervised by a Year 12 Further Mathematics student. “We were very pleased to be able to offer the Year 12 boys this opportunity to interact with Year 7,” said Miss Fung. “The event could not have happened without the help of these sixth-formers, who not only supervised teams but also helped with the logistics of running the fair.”