Stapylton wins Year 7 Mathematics Fair

Year 7 boys faced a broad spectrum of challenges in this year’s House Mathematics competition. The event formed part of the department’s enrichment and extension programme, and was inspired by the UKMT Team Maths Challenge – a national competition for pupils in Year 8 upwards.

Stapylton took first prize after amassing 598 points; Harrisons’ scored 580 to secure second place, ahead of Underne in third with 562. Harrisons’ won the separate competition to create a poster on the theme of What is Mathematics?

""“The boys took part in a carousel of activities,” said Assistant Head of Mathematics Wendy Fung. “Some involved more familiar mathematical problem-solving activities, such as cross numbers [similar to crosswords, but with numbers] and others were more practical, such as origami and tangrams [puzzles consisting of seven flat shapes].  The boys clearly enjoyed themselves using their Maths skills, often under time pressure, to aid their own House whilst trying to beat the others.”

After these activities, all the teams took part in a relay which required both speed of movement about the room and speed in solving Mathematics problems.