Thriving in Fives

""Sunil Tailor (OE 1999-2006) is making his mark in the sport of Fives after first playing the game at QE.

After leaving the School, Sunil read Economics at UCL. In his second year there, he got in touch with QE Fives coach Ian Hutchinson to ask for advice on playing the game as an adult. Since Mr Hutchinson is a teacher at Mill Hill School, he urged Sunil to join the Old Millhillians Fives Club, which has been enjoying considerable success in recent years.

Having thus taken up Fives again after a gap of a couple of years in which he did not play, Sunil became the first-ever QE old boy to reach the quarter-finals of the sport’s national championship, the Kinnaird Cup, playing alongside Old Millhillian Joe Coakley. He was also nominated for the Eton Fives Player of the Year award.

Sunil, who works for accountancy firm MHA MacIntyre Hudson LLP, harbours hopes that he can one day be instrumental in establishing a Fives club for old boys from QE, where the first Fives court was opened as long ago as 1880. “It is a great sport to continue playing after school and I do recommend it fully to QE leavers,” he says.