Trust is bedrock of field trip

Team-building exercises and a GCSE Geography assessment made for a highly successful field trip to Norfolk.

A total of 132 boys from Year 10 were split into two groups and spent three days at the Kingswood Field Studies Centre investigating the characteristics of the River Glaven. They had to collect data on the width, depth and velocity of the river, observing the downstream changes.

Various team-building activities were run during the field trip; ranging from quad-biking to aeroball. One particularly challenging exercise was the ‘Nightline’ which required boys to wear a blindfold and trust others to guide them through an obstacle course.

“The trip was very successful. The boys worked very hard to plan their fieldwork and collect data, which will help them to achieve very good results in their coursework. It was also very rewarding to see the boys enjoying the fieldwork experience and improving their team work and communication skills,” said Anne Flook, Head of Geography and RS.