Water polo player Thushira in action for his country

QE water polo player Thushira Kumarage turned out for the England Junior Men’s team for an international tournament in Vienna.

Thushira, of Year 11, was selected for the 13-strong squad even though he was on average a year younger than the players in the other 11 teams in the tournament.

""After navigating the group stage, in which they competed with Scotland and with the second team of host country Austria, the England team went on to play Austria’s first team in the play-off for fifth and sixth places. After a closely fought contest, they were narrowly beaten on penalties.

""Malta took first place in the tournament, which was played over four days.

Thushira (pictured far right) is in QE’s senior water polo team. Out of School, Thushira plays for the 115-year-old Watford Water Polo Club, which has a strong tradition of competition and league success and is known for its good coaching. In fact, four members of the England team were from the club.