Word-y winners: Scrabble contestants battle it out

Pupils from Key Stage 3 pitted their knowledge of English against each other in QE’s House Scrabble competition.

Cheered on by members of their forms, competitors from Years 7, 8 and 9 faced each other across the board over three consecutive weeks in lunchtime contests organised by the English department.

The highest scorer overall was Pearce player Sheikh Mohiddin, of Year 8, who amassed 161 points. The other year group winners were Year 7 Leicester House competitor Victor Angelov, with 104 points, and Year 9 player, Preet Patel, also from Leicester, who scored 63. “I enjoy scrabble because it really tests your English knowledge in a fun way,” said Preet.

""The organiser, English teacher Sarah Snowdon said: “Well done to our winners for their impressive scores. Scrabble is such an enjoyable way to help improve vocabulary and spelling. I was delighted with our enthusiastic players and the support from their forms.”

Each form provided one pl ayer. For Years 7 and 8, each player was paired with a boy from another form for a half-hour match, with the pairings decided by pulling form names out of a hat. The Year 9 boys were organised differently, since there was no player present from Stapylton House. The Year 9 scores are consequently lower than those for the other two years.

""The boys were allowed to use Scrabble dictionaries and were overseen by pupil librarians Hector Cooper, of Year 10, and Ivin Jose, of Year 9. “Thank you to Hector and Ivin for supervising the event and doing a great job of keeping us organised,” said Ms Snowdon.

The full results were:

  • Year 7: Leicester – 104; Pearce – 89; Stapylton – 79; Harrisons’ – 74; Broughton – 64; Underne – 54
  • Year 8: Pearce – 161; Leicester – 132; Harrisons’ – 124; Broughton – 116; Underne – 103; Stapylton – 91
  • Year 9:  Leicester – 63; Broughton- 51; Harrisons’ – 43; Pearce – 42; Underne – 40; Stapylton – did not compete.