Youth no barrier in national competition success

QE Year 7 geographers have received accolades for their entry in a prestigious Government competition – competing against pupils up to seven years older than them!

The boys were Highly Commended in the national Shape the Future competition organised by the Department for International Development (DfID).

The aim of the competition was to set new Millennium Development Goals with a focus on reducing poverty across the globe. Three groups of boys entered; two produced their recommendations in PowerPoint presentations, whilst the third submitted a video entry.

Geography teacher Dr Sarah Jones said: “The boys did exceptionally well to achieve a Highly Commended in such a widely respected competition, especially given that they are yet to complete their first year of secondary education and were competing against pupils who will be moving on to university next year.”

""The topics the three QE teams covered included: eradicating the development of nuclear weapons and striving towards universal peace; combating terrorism; increasing resources for the development of medical research; supporting less economically developed countries; eradicating corruption; developing protection for countries with the risk of natural disasters; ensuring environmental sustainability and improving maternal health & empowering women.

The boys who entered were Niam Patel, Aashish Khimasia, John Tan, Joel George, Samuel Wong, Nikhil Nema, Sachin Patel, Kiran Aberdeen, Aadi Desai, Jordi Fray, Nayshil Patel, Sahil Shah, Manojj Mohanaranjan.