This page contains the School Prospectus, criteria for admission and a detailed guide to making an application to Queen Elizabeth’s School.


School Prospectus (September 2018 Admissions)

1. Admissions Criteria and Information: A Guide for Parents

2. Governors' Statement of Education

3. Governors' Policies

The deadline for receipt of entrance test request forms for boys wishing to join the School in Year 7 in September 2018 was noon on Friday, 14th July 2017.   Receipts have been sent for all entrance test request forms received at the School. Parents are reminded that any query about an entrance test request must be accompanied by a valid receipt showing that it has been received at the school.

Any forms, electronic or paper, received after this deadline cannot be processed, and it will not be possible to invite any candidates whose forms arrive late to take the test in September.

The school’s entrance test will take place on Tuesday 19th September 2017.   E-mails giving details of the arrangements for the test will  not be sent out before Tuesday, 12th September.

School Prospectus (September 2017 Admissions)

1. Admissions Criteria and Information: A Guide for Parents

2. Governors' Statement of Education

3. Governors' Policies



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