New top team for a new year

New top team for a new year

Siddhant Kansal takes up the reins from today as QE’s 2021 School Captain, supported by a twelve-strong Senior Prefect Team and more than 100 additional officials and prefects.

Siddhant will be working closely with the new Senior Vice-Captains, Sultan Khokhar and Paul Ofordu.

The transition from the 2020 team started towards the end of last term, when Headmaster Neil Enright announced the 2021 appointments in a special meeting, during which he handed ties to the Senior Prefect Team (pictured top), consisting of Siddhant, Paul, Sultan and ten new Vice-Captains. As part of the transition arrangements, the whole team were given training last month, with an additional training session also held specifically for the vice-captains.

Congratulating them, Mr Enright said: “Siddhant is an excellent choice, with leadership skills that are readily apparent, combined with good humour, charisma, thoughtfulness and the ability to inspire. I am sure he will discharge his duties with great distinction. I am confident, too, that Sultan and Paul will provide Siddhant with great support. Sultan has a reputation for excellence in all he does, while Paul has been outstanding as a peer mentor, bringing warmth and reflectiveness to the role.

“I also thank our outgoing School Captain, Ivin Jose, and his team for their hard work and impressive leadership during the most unusual of years.”

Head of Year 12 Simon Walker said that the Senior Prefect Team personify the very best of the School community. “These 13 students have, over the course of their time at Queen Elizabeth’s, earned the respect of peers and staff alike through the way that they apply themselves to all that they do and the way they conduct themselves in doing it.  All have shown consistent dedication to excellence in their studies, commitment to a wide range of in-school activities, and courtesy, integrity, responsibility and public-spiritedness in their conduct.

“The range of exceptional qualities within this diverse team is particularly striking. There are students: who have shown dynamic and imaginative leadership of a variety of in-school clubs and activities; who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities on the sports field, or within their form groups; who have enriched their peers’ experiences of School through their superlative contributions to peer-mentoring or music; and who have stood out in the way that they have embodied the School’s values in the way they treat other pupils – those who have always shown kindness, sensitivity, patience and generosity of spirit towards others. In their different ways, all of them have the qualities to set the tone for and to lead the student body as a whole to the very highest national, indeed international, standards.”

And Mr Walker added his own words of praise for the new School Captain and his vice-captains. “Siddhant brings a fantastic range of qualities to the role. He applies himself with enthusiasm, energy and positivity to all he does.” Extolling Siddhant’s “first-rate skills of leadership”, Mr Walker said that his “clarity and engaging and open manner make him an exceptional communicator with natural presence. He is also a reflective thinker who is highly adept at collaborating with others – he makes others feel that they and their contributions are important and valued. He will be able to inspire the whole prefect team, and his graciousness, supportiveness of others and dedication to all he does will set a hugely valuable example, both for the prefect team and within the student body.

“What is impressive about Sultan, above all, is how he sustains the same exceptional level of care and attention to detail across such a wide range of activities. This mentality of excellence is reflected not only in his many involvements but, importantly, also in the way he always conducts himself around the School. He has a flair for organisation and strategy that will be invaluable in coordinating the activities of the prefect team, especially at a time when swift, smooth and calm implementation of procedures can be vital in ensuring the safety of everyone within the School community.

“Alongside him, Paul is a paragon of the School’s values: his purposeful and self-disciplined work ethic is matched by his commitment to and distinction in many areas of school life.” Paul’s work as a peer mentor had “illustrated his passion for supporting other pupils in order to enrich their experience of School and enable them to flourish”, he was bringing great skill to his new role and his “admirable character” encompassed “sensitivity, care for others, patience and the ability to listen empathetically”, Mr Walker said.

The vice-captains are allocated responsibilities in specific fields, such as community & charity, form involvement and equality, diversity & inclusion.

The vice-captains are: Raphael Herberg, Saalif Jilani, Aadarsh Khimasia, Manav Khindri, Manomay Lala-Raykar, Alexandre Lee, Mark Markov, Miguel Nieves, Shivas Patel and Shay Raja.

For the six Houses, the House Captains and Deputy House Captains are as follows, with captains listed first:

  • Broughton: Prajish Kannan & Dillan Shah
  • Harrisons’: Romansh Gupta & Yuvraj Manral
  • Leicester: Ethan Solanki & Devarya Munshi
  • Pearce: Nirmay Jadhav & Beuran Kannan
  • Stapylton: Thilakshan Thayalan & Jay Vasireddy
  • Underne: Christan Emmanuel & Dan Suciu.

In addition, there are 92 other prefects in 2021.