Getting Involved

Getting Involved

The School is always delighted to hear from our former pupils, whether they would like to get involved in QE events or simply have news to share about themselves or former classmates. To get in touch with our Alumni Office, please contact

As reported in the first issue of the Alumni News newsletter, 12 alumni turned out for the Tune into Business enterprise event for Year 9 boys. They included Marios Kyprianou (2003-2010), pictured here.

For Tune into Business, the Year 9 students were released from their usual timetable to allow them to participate. This event involved groups of students working with a volunteer from the world of business to plan and promote a tour for a chosen musical act. The aim of the day was to encourage and develop teamwork between students who were out of their usual peer groups and in larger groups than is possible in the usual School day.

Using supplied information on the costs and logistics of planning a tour, and advice from their business facilitator, students used a variety of techniques, such as SWOT analysis, to identify the artiste they predicted could make them the most profit. Students had to organise their time effectively and distribute tasks among themselves, having first evaluated their own aptitudes and talents.

The day culminated in their presenting their ideas and profit forecast for their chosen act and the rationale for these ideas, along with examples of merchandising and promotion materials. Input from the business volunteers was essential in giving the students an insight into the world of work and a fresh perspective on the decision-making process.