A well supported evening: 47th Annual Dinner Debate

The Elizabethan Union’s and Old Elizabethans’ 47th Annual Dinner Debate was a well supported evening. It featured a debate around the proposition ‘This House believes that hosting the Olympics will be an expensive waste of effort’.

Captain of School Nigethan Sathiyalingam proposed a toast to the Visitors, including Old Elizabethans Promit Anwar (2002-2009) and Tommy Peto (2003-2010), who spoke in favour of the motion and carried the debate.

Their Elizabethan Union opponents were Sixth-Formers Alex Davis and Pravin Swarmy, who were proposed by Eric Houston, former Second Master and teacher of English (1976-2010). Sixth-Former Rohan Sathyanand was Chairman.

""“This was a thoroughly enjoyable event with good food, stimulating company and a high standard of debate,” said the Headmaster. “It was good to welcome back Promit and Tommy. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to meet with former colleagues and other friends of the School. They included Eric Houston, David Jones (retired English teacher who was the master in charge of debating before my colleague Nisha Mayer took on this role) and Eamonn Harris (Headmaster 1984-1999).”