Awards ceremony ‘reaffirms QE’s values’

The School’s young high-flyers were able to draw inspiration from an Old Elizabethan just a few years older than themselves when he was invited as Guest of Honour to the Junior Awards Day.

Electrum Anpitan left the School in 2008, having been variously First Form Captain, Games Captain, Colt Lieutenant and Senior Lieutenant, as well as gaining several commendations and School Bursary Awards including the John Owen Prize for House Service.

He is currently in his second year at King’s College, London, where he is reading Physics. A member of the Institute of Physics and the Nuclear Industry Group, he is often employed by Young Enterprise to instruct pupils. He also devotes much of his time to promoting increased knowledge and understanding of the Bible, giving regular public discourses to large audiences, as well as teaching on a one-to-one basis.

The Headmaster, John Marincowitz, welcomed Mr Anpitan as Guest of Honour before congratulating the award-winners from Years 7, 8 and 9 and thanking their parents “for the essential part they play in the education partnership”.

Dr Marincowitz added: “This ceremony reaffirms our values by celebrating those qualities and attributes that motivate able pupils to succeed at the highest levels. In this respect it is not what the boys have won, but what they become by their endeavours that makes the awards worthwhile.”

More than 110 prizes were awarded at the Junior Awards Day, including 23 Endowed Prizes and Special Awards.

The afternoon was enlivened by School’s musicians playing selections from Brahms, Vivaldi and Valassa, as well as processional and recessional pieces composed by Kieron Howe, the Director of Music.