Borough of Barnet boys and girls flock to QE as primary schools event attracts biggest-ever turnout

Borough of Barnet boys and girls flock to QE as primary schools event attracts biggest-ever turnout

A record total of 14 local schools took part in this year’s QE Primary Challenge Day.

Now in its fourth year, the event features a range of enjoyable and stimulating activities focused on English and Mathematics, with competition rounds adding a little friendly inter-school rivalry to the mix.

QE Headmaster Neil Enright said: “We enjoy maintaining close links with local primary schools and this was a great opportunity to host a large number of their pupils and staff for this day of enrichment activities designed to stretch and challenge the children participating.”

Assistant Head Michael Taylor started proceedings, welcoming the primary school children and encouraging them to enjoy their day.

The competition rounds included interactive games and tasks comprising a spelling competition, a limerick-writing challenge, number puzzles and logic problems. Teachers Greg Lee and Marco Saccardi, of the Mathematics Department, and Robbie Hyland and Alex Ulyet, from English, each ran one of the rounds and enjoyed chatting to the participants.

The winning primary schools in the various rounds were as follows:
• Limerick-writing: Livingstone
• Logic: Christ Church
• Spelling bee: Underhill
• Crossnumber puzzles: Monken Hadley.

The overall winners were the children of Christ Church, with St John’s N20 coming second and Northside in third place. Elena Print, Headteacher of Christ Church, said later: “They had a fabulous time and came back full of excitement, and enthusiastic to tell us all about it!”

Mr Enright presented the winners with their certificates at the end of the event, congratulating all participants.

Each primary school team was accompanied by a QE Year 7 pupil who spent the whole morning looking after that team. Organiser Wendy Fung, who is QE’s Assistant Head of Mathematics, said: “I was very grateful for their help in ensuring that the Year 5s felt at home and for supporting their teams so enthusiastically.”