Boys bridge the gap

After successive defeats by girls from Henrietta Barnett School in the annual engineering competition between the two schools, QE boys struck back with a win this year.

The competition between 15 Year 9 QE boys and 15 Year 9 HBS girls required the construction of either a tower or a bridge. The buildings were judged on a combination of which was the strongest and tallest tower or the widest and lightest bridge, with aesthetics also taken into account. A mark was also awarded for the presentation of the team’s design.

There were six teams in all; three from QE and three from HBS. QE’s winning team comprised Keerthanen Ravichandran, Gaviththusan Jeyakumar, Rishi Umeria, Reece Patel, Omar Haider and Constantinos Economou.

Ashley Dyson, a Physics teacher at QE, said: “This was the third annual QE/HBS Engineering Competition and HBS had won both the previous events, so the boys were very keen to see honour restored.”