Breadth of Economics highlighted by Year 11 trip

Two Year 11 groups learned more about two contrasting parts of their GCSE Economics course on a visit to London.

In the first part of the trip, boys visited the Westferry Print Works in Bethnal Green, where national newspaper titles such as the Guardian and Financial Times are printed. They investigated how the theories and concepts of Production Economics work in a real factory and were fascinated by the speed at which the presses were churning out newspapers – 17 complete copies per second!

“Much to their amusement, the boys even got to meet the firm’s fleet of 40 unmanned robots, although some of these hard-working souls were too busy lugging 1-ton rolls of paper across the shopfloor!” said teacher Maziar Homayounnejad.

In the second part of the trip, the QE students visited the Bank of England Museum, where they heard a lecture covering the importance of money in today’s economy, as well as other current issues in the global financial system. “For most boys, the highlight of their day was getting to lift a real gold bullion bar and seeing a real £1 million note, which, incidentally, is no longer legal tender.”