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‘Under pressure’ but ‘don’t give up’! Families, friends and colleagues battle it out at FQE quiz

Representatives from across the School community teamed up for the first Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s in-person charity event since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The 50 people who turned out for the FQE Quiz included Governors, current and former staff, parents and alumni.

During a relaxed but keenly competitive evening, seven teams wrestled with rounds on themes ranging from famous duets to doctors.

And after all the scores were in, the honours went to Team 3, made up entirely of Year 7 parents. With their score of 113, they narrowly beat teams 1 and 5, in joint second place on 111.

Headmaster Neil Enright said: “After such a long enforced break, it was wonderful to have people back at the School enjoying themselves and to see such a sweep of competitors from across our whole Elizabethan family.

“My congratulations go to the winning team – it is the first time that I can remember victory going to parents of our youngest boys.

“I also thank our quizmasters , Peter Forrester and George Mason, ably supported by Karen Forrester and Diane Mason, who have together run these quizzes for a number of years.”

Alongside the many parents taking part, there were teams featuring FQE Chairman (and Chairman of Governors) Barrie Martin.

Team 1 included a number of current teachers, together with partners, while Team 2 comprised Old Elizabethans and Team 5 included former members of staff. Participants enjoyed drinks and snacks from the bar, while a fundraising raffle was also held during the event in the Main School Hall.

The winning parents in Team 3 were: Seleena Jigajinni; Suyogi Jigajinni; Maya Mandalia; Uday Mandalia; Sri Nori; Dan Wright; Chirag Mehta and Mona Wright.

Here a few sample questions, with answers below:

General knowledge round
Who succeeded Laura Bush as US First Lady?
Orbiting Jupiter, which is the only moon with its own magnetic field?

Lines round
What is the former name of the Jubilee Line from Stanmore to Baker Street?
Built in the 1930s, what was the name of the German defensive system which stretched 390 miles from the Netherlands to the Swiss border?

Famous duets round: who sang…?
Under Pressure
Don’t Give Up


General knowledge round
Who succeeded Laura Bush as US First Lady?
A. Michelle Obama

Orbiting Jupiter, which is the only moon with its own magnetic field?
A. Ganymede

Lines round
What is the former name of the Jubilee Line from Stanmore to Baker Street?
A. Bakerloo Line (up to 1969)

Built in the 1930s, what was the name of the German defensive system which stretched 390 miles from the Netherlands to the Swiss border?
A. Siegfried Line

Famous duets round: who sang…?
Under Pressure
A. Queen and David Bowie

Don’t Give Up
A. Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush

Good in a crisis: teacher wins national award for work to help NHS during early days of pandemic

QE’s Head of Technology, Michael Noonan, has won a special award for his work in co-ordinating the production of PPE for the NHS as coronavirus first swept the country.

Mr Noonan spearheaded a London-wide effort by schools’ Design & Technology departments to 3D-print face shields and stave off a looming crisis as hospitals’ supplies of PPE ran low when Covid-19 cases soared in spring 2020.

Among those participating were QE pupils who used their home 3D printers during the first lockdown, while Mr Noonan also kept the School’s own machines running around the clock.

Now his efforts have been recognised through a new award from the Design and Technology Association (DTA – a national organisation supporting the teaching of design, engineering and technology).  It was presented during the DTA’s 21st Excellence Awards ceremony held at the Institution of Engineering and Technology at Savoy Place in central London.

“I’m honoured to have been chosen as one of the winners in the Onshape Special Award Recognising Design and Technology’s Social Impact. Thank you to all at The Design and Technology Association for this award and for a wonderful evening,” Mr Noonan said.

He was one of only ten winners to be picked from schools across the country.

Congratulating him, Headmaster Neil Enright said: “It is brilliant news that Mr Noonan has received well-deserved recognition for the truly inspiring work he did in response to the national shortage of PPE. We are all very proud of him.”

The DTA’s Chief Executive Officer, Tony Ryan, also congratulated him on his “positive impact at a time of crisis”, adding: “Through your efforts and those of other D&T departments across the country, we showed the real value of our subject.”

Mr Noonan, who has been at the School for eight years and became Head of Technology in 2017, recalled the role he played from March to June last year: “I had the privilege of coordinating the London area, overseeing a team of six fantastic sub area coordinators, while also managing all orders for PPE in NHS hospitals, doctors surgeries and care homes in North London.

“I oversaw the delivery of around 20,000 units of PPE to the frontline during my tenure, as well as supporting makers and managing logistics and contact with clients. I also established a logistics partnership with Bikeshed and Need2Talk, who took over deliveries from makers and eased pressure on our systems.”

Down to the wire! Champion House announced at end-of-year assembly

Underne are the winners of the 2020–21 Eric Shearly House Cup, after a late surge took them past last year’s champion, Stapylton.

The 2019-20 winners had actually been in the lead for the whole year, until a series of strong performances in House competitions in the second half of this term enabled Underne to overtake them. Underne ended the year with 755 points, against Stapylton’s 716 and Leicester’s 713.

Headmaster Neil Enright announced the result in a video message to an end-of-year House assembly which covered all aspects of House activities, from, for example, Languages competitions to charity food collections. Mr Enright said: “Underne last won this competition in 2017, so it’s a delight to see their name going back on this cup and I offer my hearty congratulations to Underne House in particular this year.”

Underne is named after Edward Underne, who became Rector of Chipping Barnet in 1568 and, along with other men of local influence actively promoted the establishment of a School in High Barnet. Queen Elizabeth’s School was duly founded in 1573. Mr Enright presented the cup in person to 2021 House Captain Christan Emmanuel and Deputy House Captain Dan Suciu.

During the assembly, boys heard presentations on the large number of competitions and events held during the year at which House points may be won. Boys may also add to their House’s total by gaining ‘merits’ and ‘good notes’.

Foremost among the competitions, in terms of points available, was this month’s Sports Day, which was won by Broughton, with Underne coming in second. It was a welcome return for the event, which had to be cancelled in last year’s lockdown.

“It was super to see everybody out for Sports Day,” said Mr Enright. “I am also proud of the fact that so many competitions carried on throughout the pandemic and I congratulate everybody involved, staff and pupils.”

The cup is named after Eric Shearly (1920–2005), who dedicated 76 years of his life to QE, where he was both a pupil and a teacher. “He really believed in getting involved in things beyond the classroom,” said Mr Enright.

The final points total and positions were:

  • Broughton:  664, 4th
  • Harrisons’:   580, 6th
  • Leicester:     713, 3rd
  • Pearce:         634, 5th
  • Stapylton:    716, 2nd
  • Underne:     755, 1st

The virtual assembly was introduced by Head of Extra-Curricular Enrichment Rebecca Grundy, who congratulated boys on their participation and competitive spirit, thanked staff in the extra-curricular enrichment team and added: “None of these events would be possible without our amazing Sixth Form prefects team.”

The proceedings were punctuated by musical interludes performed by two pianists: Year 9’s Jason Tao and Shreyas Iyengar, of Year 7, who brought the assembly to an end.

There were a number of presentations and summaries of the year by departmental heads and teachers responsible for particular activities. The areas covered included Music, Sport, drama and chess.

During the assembly, announcements were made of various awards and commendations, such as chess colours and extra-curricular achievement awards.

Charity was another major area of focus, with the assembly running through the year’s work in support of QE’s long-running Indian Sai School Appeal, of the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice, of the Poppy Appeal, of the clothing drive to help local homeless people and of the collection of food and hygiene products for Chipping Barnet Foodbank.

Mind how you go! Boys step out on sponsored charity walk

Pupils headed off into the countryside on a 10km walk and raised more than £4,500 for QE’s long-running Indian charity appeal and for the Piano Fund.

Torrential downpours forced a last-minute change of route, but the walkers were not to be denied their day in the Dollis Valley and relished the chance to stretch their legs in support of the Sathya Sai (English Medium) School in Kerala, southern India.

Extra-curricular Enrichment Tutor Katrin Hood, who is in charge of the School’s charity work, said: “It was a joy to see the boys chatting and laughing with their friends as we walked through the beautiful countryside around our School. Our heartfelt thanks to go all of those who have so generously donated.

“Before heading out, the boys attended an assembly to learn more the fantastic Sai School and our long-standing link with it. It was fascinating to hear from past and current students, as well as teachers from the Sai School themselves via video,” said Ms Hood.

During the assembly, the boys watched a video from Old Elizabethan Major Charles Russell (1997–2004), who spoke about his experience of visiting the Sai School in 2004. He still sponsors a child there. He is one of number of former pupils and staff to have visited, including former Headmaster Dr John Marincowitz (1999–2011).

The Sai School has both boys and girls and caters for primary and secondary-age children. Over the two decades the appeal has been running, QE has funded improvements including the construction of a new building, various repairs and, recently, the provision of a computer room that enables pupils there to sit digitally-based examinations.

During the assembly, the boys learned first of the problems caused by flooding in 2018 attributed to global warming and then of the current desperate plight of the Sai School because of the deleterious effects of Covid-19 on the Indian economy. Parents in the struggling rural communities have been unable to pay the school fees and teachers are not being paid, they were told.

The walks were part of QE’s Enrichment Week and were held on separate days for the two year groups. The Piano Fund, which was also a beneficiary along with with the Sai School Appeal, was established to help equip the new QE Music School opening this autumn to the highest standards.

The event followed a two-day football tournament earlier this month for Years 7, 8, 9 and 12, which also raised funds for the Sai School Appeal.


Getting active in a very good cause

International football fever has broken out at QE – and while some eagerly await the results of a certain game at Wembley tonight, celebrations of soccer successes even closer to home are already in full flow!

Boys from four year groups – 7, 8, 9 and 12 – turned out for a two-day, charity tournament to raise funds for QE’s long-running appeal in support of a school in India, while later this week, Years 8 & 9 will be taking part in a sponsored walk for the same cause.

Over the 18 years it has been running, the Sai School Appeal has funded significant improvements at the Sri Sathya Sai (English Medium) School in Kerala, including the construction of a new building, various repairs and, recently, the provision of computer room that enables pupils there to sit digitally-based examinations.

Languages teacher Katrin Hood, who mentors the Sixth Form team which runs the appeal, said: “The Sai School is going through a very difficult time at the moment; the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the area particularly hard. The boys have, therefore, been very keen to raise money and are being really active, in every sense of the word, in showing their support.”

Year 12 prefects Vishruth Dhamodharan and Varun Vijay Kumar, who lead the 2021 Sai School Appeal team, ran the five-a-side football tournament on both days.

Day 1 saw Year 12 and Year 9, while on day 2, it was Year 7 and Year 8 who took to the field. There was also a staff match in which a (largely) PE departmental team took on a squad drawn from other departments, with the former securing a 3-1 victory.

The winning teams from each year group, not including any substitutions, were:

  • Year 7 – Veer Sanjeev, Peter Atanasov, Olic Fan, Yashwant Reddy Sunkara, Thomas Young
  • Year 8 – Hamza Pasha, Jake Owens, Ubaidah Rahman, Rudra Patel, Sharvesh Sudhagar
  • Year 9 – Avi Juneja, Rushil Akula, Seyed Jalili, Hadi Al-Esia, Raghav Kaushik
  • Year 12 – Ahmed Rana, Shadman Rahman, Abdullah Chisti, Hathmi Abdul Haleem, Avik Gupta

“The event has so far raised £260, with money still coming in,” said Ms Hood. “I am grateful to Vishruth and Varun who did an excellent job on both days.”

This week’s sponsored walk, which starts and finishes at QE, will see Year 8 and Year 9 boys covering 10km to raise money both for the Sai School Appeal and for QE’s Piano Fund, dedicated to equipping the new Music School.

“It’s the big day; it’s Founder’s Day!” – the QE community gathered online to celebrate an illustrious past and look forward to a bright future

Queen Elizabeth’s School today celebrated Virtual Founder’s Day 2021 with an internet broadcast that featured a good measure of time-honoured tradition and a generous helping of innovation, all laced with a healthy dash of fun.

Highlights of the YouTube Premiere programme that went live at 12 o’clock included a Founder’s Day weekend Showstopper Bake challenge introduced by TV celebrity Mel Giedroyc, former BBC presenter of the Great British Bake Off.

Introduced by Headmaster Neil Enright, the half-hour programme included the annual Roll Call, the reading of the School Chronicle and elements of the traditional Founder’s Day church service. Mr Enright reminded viewers that fundraising remains a focus of the day, with more than £22,000 raised in last year’s lockdown Founder’s Day to support the education of boys at the School.

Donations can be made via the dedicated Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s Founder’s Day JustGiving page.

With QE’s Music School now nearing completion and funds required to equip it to the highest standards, there was a strong musical theme in the programme: this included the first-ever performances from the new building, with young musicians donning hard hats and ‘hi-vis’ vests over their uniforms.

When the outbreak of the pandemic forced last year’s Founder’s Day online, all hoped it would be a one-off. That was not to be, but although this year’s event was again virtual, there was now great cause for optimism, said Mr Enright.

“We are now in a very different position to 12 months ago: the School is open, classrooms are buzzing with activity, many clubs and societies are meeting, and our lives are moving, step by step, closer to normality,” he said.

“I take great comfort that during the unprecedented difficulties and uncertainties of the past 16 months, the School has not just coped, but thrived and even, in the words of our Chronicle, ‘flourished’.”

The School could look back with pride, but also forward to many “rapidly approaching” exciting developments, such as the Music School, which is due to open in the autumn of this year, Mr Enright added.

The video included a specially recorded segment from Mel Giedroyc, supplementing her first video announcement of the QE Founder’s Day Showstopper Bake challenge earlier in the month. In today’s film, in her own inimitable style, she announced to the “QE massif” that it was time for them to take up their sieves, whisks, graters and bowls: “It’s the big day; it’s Founder’s Day…We would love you, please, to create the most incredible, outrageous, flamboyant, delicious, beautiful Showstopper Bake – and remember, you have got to be sponsored to do it: that is how we raise the dough to raise the dough. See what I did there!”

Anyone making a ‘bake’ – which can be a cake, biscuits, bread or other dish – is invited to send Mel a photo of it via for her to judge. Bakes with a musical and/or a QE theme will gain extra credit.

The YouTube Premiere also featured a special appearance by musician and improvisor extraordinaire ‘Harry the Piano’, recorded at the Coach House Piano Showroom on the King’s Road in Chelsea. The School’s new £75,000 grand piano, which will grace the Music School’s Recital Hall, is coming from Coach House.

After appealing for viewers to give generously to Founder’s Day and lauding yesterday’s Pianoathon at the School, Harry deftly played the Great British Bake Off TV theme in five very different musical styles – Mozart, Chopin, samba, rock band Queen and Debussy.

Other musical elements of the video included the National Anthem in the opening section performed by the Founder’s Day Chamber Choir. They were recorded in Chipping Barnet Parish Church, where the Founder’s Day Thanksgiving Service takes place in normal years. Also filmed in the church was a reading of the School Prayer by 2021 School Captain Siddhant Kansal and the singing of the Founder’s Day hymn, Now Thank We All Our God.

There were three performances from the Music School construction site:

  •  Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, by the Foundation Day Saxophone Ensemble
  • Oblivion, by the Year 8 Trio
  • Prelude, Gavotte and Waltz from Shostakovich’s Five Pieces for Two Violins and Piano, by the Year 9 Trio.

The video’s closing credits were played over the Year 9 Trio’s performance. These included thanks to the sponsors and supporters of Founder’s Day – companies and organisations which are also listed in a specially produced brochure.

The reading of the Roll Call took place, as tradition dictates, in front of the Main Building, but because of the pandemic, only the School Captain, the House Captains and the Year 7 forms from each of the six Houses appeared, with the boys responding to the School Captain’s call with the words ‘Ad sumus’ (‘Here we are’).

The School Chronicle – a formally written summary of the School’s history – was recorded in various locations and featured a number of speakers, beginning with former Headmaster John Marincowitz (1999–2011) and including Governors, staff and pupils.

Year 9 pupil Zeyvuan Wu read the latest addition to the Chronicle – “And be it known that during the Covid-19 pandemic, which twice caused all the schools in the land to close their doors to most pupils, the challenges were faced with ingenuity and resolve” – before Mr Enright concluded the reading with the customary blessing upon the School: “May it always flourish!”

Other highlights of the Founder’s Day week have included a special event to celebrate QE Collections – a new online facility offering free access to a wide range of digitised archives relating to the School and local Barnet area – and the opening of advance pre-sale orders for Dr Marincowitz’s new definitive history of the School, which is due to go on sale during QE’s 450th anniversary year in 2023.





Well on the way: good progress in family’s fundraising efforts for Founder’s Day

Brothers Jaydon and Kiaron Lad and their mum, Anjuna, are well past the half-way mark in their quest to run and cycle 300km to raise funds for the Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s (FQE) charity.

Inspired by Kiaron’s success in raising money for the NHS during last year’s lockdown in a fundraising event created by QE’s Director of Sport, Jonathan Hart, the Lad family members set themselves the challenge of covering 100km each before this year’s FQE Founder’s Day on Saturday 19th June.

So far, they have successfully overcome near-freezing temperatures, illness and technical issues (a malfunctioning tracking app and bike speedometer) as they have clocked up the miles towards their ambitious target.

Headmaster Neil Enright said: “Sadly, as in 2020, this year’s Founder’s Day will have to be a virtual event. The Founder’s Day Fete, organised by FQE, is usually our single biggest annual fundraiser, bringing in around £20,000 to help us provide state-of-the-art facilities and increased opportunities for all our pupils. Last year, thanks to the sterling efforts of many across the Elizabethan community, we successfully reached that target.

“I commend the Lad family on their efforts on FQE’s behalf and wish them well as they seek to complete their ambitious challenge. As we look forward to the day itself, I hope many will sponsor them and will also back the exciting fundraising activities we are planning.”

Jaydon, of Year 7, said: “During lockdown, both the School and my parents stressed the importance of staying active and exercising (outdoors if possible) in order to look after our mental and physical health. We were keen to do something that would provide a challenge – so nothing too easy and straightforward, but then on the other hand nothing too difficult.

“My brother has been going out running and has also inspired our mum to take it up. Not being a fan of long-distance running myself, I thought I could join them on my bicycle, and, from there, the idea of raising money for the School was born.”

It was, said Jaydon, a challenge which fulfilled the desired ‘SMART’ criteria, since it was Specific, Measurable (using the speedometer and apps), Achievable, Realistic and Timely (if steady progress was maintained, they should have sufficient time to complete it before the Founder’s Day deadline).

Venturing out mostly at weekends, the Lad trio got off to a strong start, covering 31.76km between them on their first excursion.

It has not always been easy.  Jaydon initially found it difficult to adjust his speed to that of the runners, and, on week 2, in addition to his “not really feeling it”, his speedometer started displaying in mph instead of kph, necessitating a little mental arithmetic to make the conversion on the fly. A few days later, Kiaron, of Year 9, and his mum headed out again, but Jaydon felt unwell and stayed in bed, making up the distance missed with his own solo effort a few days later.

The three’s longest distance came the day after Jaydon’s 12th birthday when, in honour of the occasion, his mum suggested they try to cover 12km each. They duly hit this target, with a combined total of 37.01km.

Two days later, they were out again. “I was expecting another slow bike ride today, but boy was I wrong!” reported Jaydon in his fundraising diary. “As we were only aiming for 5km, my mum and my brother were looking at trying to beat their previous run times and were running faster than normal.” Both of them achieved it.

That speedy effort took the total for their first seven runs and rides to 183.63km, which leaves them well set to meet their overall goal of covering the 300km on or before Saturday 12th June, the weekend before Founder’s Day.

  • To sponsor the Lad family, simply visit the Virtual Founder’s Day JustGiving page which has just been set up, mentioning ‘The Lads 300km’ in any accompanying message.
Compliments of the season! Charity, celebration and tradition to the fore in a festive end to the term

Coronavirus restrictions may have forced major changes to QE’s normal Christmas arrangements, but there was festive spirit aplenty in the final week of the Autumn Term.

Boys and staff enjoyed tucking into a Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. Year 7 boys enjoyed an adapted version of the carol service, held this year at the School, instead of at the parish church.

And QE’s commitment to service and the community was not forgotten: the normal Christmas collections for charity went ahead, with parents, boys and staff giving generously to support local people in need.

Headmaster Neil Enright said: “My congratulations and thanks go to everyone who has worked hard to ensure that, Covid-19 notwithstanding, the final week of term was as festive as ever. I wish everyone in our Elizabethan community a restful Christmas holiday at the end of this difficult year, and a healthy and happy 2021.”

In normal years, QE’s Service of Lessons and Carols takes place in St John the Baptist Church in Barnet, with a congregation including staff and all the Year 7 boys, as well as musicians and readers drawn from other year groups.

That was not possible this year, so QE brought the church to the School instead! Last week, a small group of senior musicians went to St John’s to pre-record two anthems.

These were then played between the carols, readings and antiphon performed live in this week’s Carol Service for the Year 7 year-group bubble.

“This gave our Year 13 boys a chance to sing at St John’s, and our Year 7s got to see what the church is like – on video at least,” the Headmaster said. “Hearing the carols ringing out from the Main School Hall lent a wonderfully festive atmosphere to the School, and our Year 7s savoured the opportunity to become part of this well-loved QE tradition.”

Readers included senior staff and 2020 School Captain Ivin Jose, with the Headmaster as usual giving the final Scripture reading, the famous prologue to John’s gospel.

The video segments featured the Year 13 Choir singing The First Nowell and Holst’s arrangement of the carol, Personent Hodie, from the Piae Cantiones collection of mediaeval songs.

The service also included performances of the popular traditional carols: Once in Royal David’s City; O Little Town of Bethlehem; O Come all ye Faithful, and Hark the Herald Angels Sing!

The Year 7 boys were mostly seated in the main floor area.

Social distancing was carefully observed: readings were given from the stage, while the musicians from other year groups – the choir, trumpeters and Year 12 Strings – were well spread.

Earlier in the week, pupils relished their Christmas lunch, with the catering team pulling out all the stops to serve up a festive feast of roast turkey or wild mushroom filo pastry crown, with pigs-in-blankets, stuffing, carrots, Brussel sprouts, parsnips, cranberry jelly and gravy, followed by Christmas pudding or yule log.

QE also continued with its annual collection for local charitable organisations, choosing this year to support Homeless Action in Barnet and Hornsey Parish Church, which is acting as a foodbank hub.

Parents, pupils and staff have been donating non-perishable food items, clothing and blankets over recent weeks, and yesterday a group of Year 9 volunteers helped to load a record number of bags into a QE minibus, ready for delivery.

Head of Extra-Curricular Enrichment Rebecca Grundy said: “We are very grateful to everyone who donated, and to our prefects and Year 9 helpers.

“This support will make a huge difference to vulnerable people this Christmas.”

Battling it out in “an immensely worthy cause”

Year 7 boys enjoyed the cut and thrust of competition as teams met in a charity quiz, held last term, to raise money for QE’s long-running Sai School Appeal.

The School’s youngest boys have been learning all about the appeal, which began in 2002 and supports the rural Sai School in Kerala, India, funding projects there such as a new computer room, and helping with a move from rented accommodation to a new two-acre campus.

Appeal president Tashane Akarawita, of Year 13, who organised the event jointly with his deputy, Sai Puppala, also of Year 13, said: “Our projects in the past have allowed remarkable developments on the Sai School site to be made possible, and it became my mission to continue this legacy. Unfortunately, the coronavirus has had an enormous impact on lives in India so our fundraising for the Sai School this year is more important than ever.”

The appeal is a year-round QE charity activity run by a team of sixth-formers who are currently supported by Languages teacher Katrin Hood. Tashane explained that COVID had restricted QE’s fund-raising in the 2019–2020 academic year, with a number of events cancelled because of lockdown – another reason to redouble efforts this year, he said.

He showed the younger boys an illustrated PowerPoint presentation to introduce them to the appeal and to the school, whose full title is the Sri Sathya Sai English Medium School. The school educates children from kindergarten through to Year 12.

In previous years, several recent QE leavers have visited the Sai School and undertaken work experience there.

The current fund-raising target is to secure sufficient sponsorship to support 30 pupils – the equivalent of a QE form – throughout their full-time education at the Sai School.

After eight teams competed in two lunchtime rounds in the Main School Hall, the two highest scorers – Stapylton House’s Pixellated Ice Cream (Daniel Zhu, Yang Song, Rahul Wimalendran and Akshaj Vyas) and The Master Minds from Broughton (Shreyas Iyengar, Oscar Kaltenbronn, Tunishq Mitra and Vyom Srivastava) – fought it out in a classroom final. Saransh Gupta and Chinmaya Dave had also been part of the Broughton team for the heats.

The quiz comprised mostly general knowledge questions, although there was also a Spot the hidden word round and a problem-solving round.

It was a lively final, with even the spectators taking part, supplying the answers when the two teams drew a blank and enjoying some ‘just for fun’ Mathematics riddles at the end while the scores were being added up.

In the end, The Master Minds lived up to their name and emerged as the winners. The event raised £139. The boys were charged £2 to take part in the quiz and £1 to spectate at the final.

Tashane added: “I was very proud to be elected as the President of the Sai School Appeal, allowing us to continue the amazing fund-raising QE students have achieved over the last eighteen years.

“The appeal is an immensely worthy cause and we strive to ensure our events are always meticulously planned to be able to support those who are less fortunate than us.”

  • Here is a sample of the general knowledge questions asked in the quiz. Answers below.
  1. Who played James Bond in the film Quantum of Solace?
  2. How many capital cities does South Africa have?
  3. What is the boy in the DreamWorks logo holding in his hand?


  1. Daniel Craig
  2. Four
  3. A fishing rod.
Helping our neighbour in need: QE’s “amazingly varied” talent show raises funds for children’s hospice

Boys from across QE staged an online talent show to raise funds for the nearby Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice – the School’s main chosen charity of the year.

Pupils of every age, from Year 7 to the Sixth Form, were given two weeks to prepare their acts and then submit recordings to the School. More than 20 boys took part, coming up with a huge variety of acts, from comedy and card tricks to a Shakespearean recitation and classical music performances.

Their video and audio clips were then edited together by Aryan Saraf, now of Year 12, and published – for a short period only – on YouTube after being launched as a YouTube Premiere.

Boys and their families were also invited to donate online to Noah’s Ark, whose funding has suffered badly during the coronavirus crisis as normal fundraising events have been cancelled. They quickly raised £120, and donations have continued to flow in since.

Noah’s Ark helps seriously unwell children and their families make the most of the time they have together. The majority of the babies and children it supports are unlikely to reach their 18th birthday.

Rebecca Grundy, QE’s Head of Extra-curricular Enrichment, paid tribute to Aryan, to all the contributors, and especially to Charity Vice-Captains (prefects), Rukshaan Selvendira and Janujan Satchi. “Rukshaan and Janujan did a great job of organising it, and their efforts were amply rewarded when boys from all years of the School contributed an amazingly varied set of acts, displaying some great skills and (in some cases) previously hidden talents.”

Extra-Curricular Enrichment Tutor Micah King added: “We were delighted to be able to play our part in helping Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice at this particularly difficult time.

“The hospice is, after all, not only a very worthy cause, but also a neighbour – you can see its new building, The Ark, from the rugby pitches on our back field.”

Rukshaan was himself among the contributors, submitting a colourful audio-visual display, featuring electronic music, entitled Prospect.

The musical elements of the programme also featured speed tabla-playing by Isher Jagdev, the performance of an original song by guitarist Aadarsh Khimasia (pictured top), and other performances on instruments including the piano, guitar and drums, while Arjun Patel sang Brahm’s Wiegenlied (Lullaby).

There was magic, including the card tricks, and mind-reading, too. The current Year 8 was particularly strongly represented, with, for example, Ryuki Watanabe giving an Easy origami tutorial, Vedh Shashi telling jokes, and William Joanes donning theatrical costume to recite passages from Macbeth, directly from his kitchen.

Afterwards, one anonymous donor wrote on the Noah’s Ark website: “I wish the children in your care well and thank you for supporting them and their families. Their bravery inspires the boys at QE incredibly.”

Further donations may be made here.