Chocolate coins at the Bank of England!

QE's young Economists gained valuable insights into how to manage the economy during a visit to the Bank of England – and were rewarded with gold chocolate coins when they successfully broke into a safety deposit box!

All 135 Year 11 boys studying Economics enjoyed a morning tour of the Bank’s museum, which not only offers historical information but also allowed the boys to interact with some of the artefacts.

They learnt how much a single gold bar weighs (28lb) and were surprised both at its weight and its value – £333,000 on the day of the visit. They flew the inflation balloon simulator and explored the security features on bank notes.

""The tour was followed by a presentation on the role of money, interest rates and inflation in the UK economy. The lecture explained the Bank of England’s role in managing the economy and its financial markets. Boys also gained further insights into how monetary policy is used to control inflation.