Chosen dozen: QE’s new pupil librarians

Chosen dozen: QE’s new pupil librarians

Twelve new pupil librarians have been selected to serve The Queen’s Library, following a rigorous application process against stiff opposition.

The 12 boys appointed have already had their induction session and will soon be trained in how to operate library circulations (loans, renewal and returns) and in how to shelve books. They will also face a programme of other tasks in the course of the year, including taking responsibility for running several of the library&rsq uo;s clubs.

Librarian Ciara Murray said: “I was bowled over by the strength and number of applications this year: those who were ultimately selected should feel very proud of their achievement, and I know they are looking forward to making their mark on the library.”

A total of 60 boys applied for the positions. The process involved writing a letter of application, an interview with Ms Murray and a sorting test to see whether they had a good eye for detail – “Very important for shelving books correctly!”

Among the interesting ideas and innovations proposed during the interviews were interactive, themed displays, quizzes to test obscure book knowledge and a book review club – with extra book-borrowing allowances for reviewers.

Those appointed were:

    • Year 8 boys Ardavan Hamisi, Abdur-Rahman Ismail, Abhi Koria, Yashaswar Kotakadi, Jashwanth Parimi and Benjamin Toze
    • Year 9’s Richard Bai, Swattik Das, Sultan Khokhar and Lev Shafran
    • Ivaan Nigam and Joell Rosil, of Year 10.

The library’s current clubs include a new film club masterminded by Siddhant Kansal, of Year 9, which has proved extremely popular. The group meet weekly to analyse scenes from books that have been adapted into movies and to discuss which they prefer. There is also a burgeoning board-gaming club, overseen by Hector Cooper and Ivin Jose, which gives boys from multiple year groups the chance to exercise their strategic and communication skills.

QE’s 11 existing pupil librarians, two of whom are now entering their fourth year of service (Hector Cooper & Rishi Shah, both of Year 11), will be closely involved in mentoring and training the new members of the team.

“The pupil librarian system has proven to be a really great way of fostering inter-year friendships and teamwork,” Ms Murray added.