Colourful cultural experience

A trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor provided Year 7 boys with a broad taste of Hinduism. The boys enjoyed dressing up in traditional Hindu clothing, face-painting, a bull-cart ride and a tour of the grounds, as well as a having a vegetarian paneer cheese curry for lunch.

“The purpose of the visit was to develop the boys’ learning and understanding of Hinduism and the practices and culture of Hindu people,” said Guy Boyes, QE’s Head of Religion & Society and Head of Geography. “The boys got a real sense of the importance of community in Hinduism, of its colour and of the dedication of Hindus.”

""The Manor near Watford is celebrating its 40th anniversary: former Beatle George Harrison donated the building to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness in 1973. The main house is surrounded by five acres of grounds with a lake and a garden of contemplation. Flowers grown in the grounds are used to make garlands for use in the house and temple.