Competition win funds new eco garden

Year 13 pupil Akhil Amlani has chosen to create an Environmental Awareness Garden at the School with £1,000 awarded to him as part of his prize for winning the London Region title in the DEFRA Climate Change competition.

The eco garden has been created on previously unused ground at the School. Akhil and fellow Year 13 pupil Ashley-James Turner, who designed the garden, focused on the key environmental principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

The garden uses drought-resistant plants, solar energy lighting and recycled materials. It also incorporates a pond, which creates a new eco system. Akhil and his classmates, Kishen Patel and Xi Chen, gave up four days of their spare time to lay
slate, create bedding areas, complete the planting and build the pond.

Akhil said: “I really hope this garden can be an inspiration, showing that tackling climate change can be practical, enjoyable and educational.” ""

Part of his prize money for the School has also been spent on a new solar-powered weather station on the School’s south-facing roof. Akhil himself is to travel to The Netherlands where he will visit an offshore wind farm, attend a reception at the British Embassy and meet the Ambassador, as well as taking part in a meeting at The Hague with a senior minister in the Dutch government.

As part of his role he will also take part in a range of television and radio interviews discussing young people’s views on climate change. “This is an impressive achievement,” said Head of Geography Anne Flook. ”Akhil will have chance to really make a difference and become an important figure in young people’s politics over the next year.”