Cream of the mathematical crop

QE boys performed strongly in a national and international competition open only to the best mathematicians.

Thirteen pupils from Years 9 to 11 took part in the UK Mathematics Trust’s Intermediate Olympiad. The Olympiad is open only to the 500 best performers in each year group from the earlier Intermediate Challenge, which itself is targeted at the top third of pupils in Years 9 to 11.

Two Year 11 boys – Andrew Hui and Bhavik Mehta (pictured) – gained distinction certificates and a gold medal in the Olympiad: medals are awarded to the top 100 students in each year group. Eight other QE boys achieved merit certificates.

Participants in the Olympiad take different papers according to their year group; Maclaurin for Year 11, Hamilton for Year 10 and Cayley for Year 9 and below.

The QE Olympiad competitors were also among 5,500 successful Intermediate Challenge contestants nationwide who were invited to take part in the Intermediate European Kangaroo. This is an hour-long multiple-choice papers (pink for Years 10 & 11, grey for Year 9 and below) inspired by the Australian Mathematics Trust, hence the name.