Czech Economics trip: Cars, crystal and a castle compound the interest

Tours of three factories formed the backbone of a Sixth Form Economics trip to the Czech Republic, while there were also opportunities to savour Prague’s historic attractions.

""On the first day the boys relaxed with a cruise on the River Vltava, the longest river in the country. The next day was taken up with a tour of the Skoda factory – one of very few car manufacturers to allow visitors into its plants. The tour included a short film on the 119-year history and development of Skoda car production and the opportunity to compare the collection of historic cars with the vehicles emerging today from the ultra-efficient modern production plant.

""Later in the day the group of 25 boys from Years 12 and 13 were taken on a guided walking tour of Prague. Highlights included the Castle, Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square and the Jewish Quarter – once the largest Jewish ghetto in Europe.

The trip was rounded off with tours of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery & Museum in Pilsen, west of Prague, and of the Bohemian Glass factory. The QE party enjoyed a guided tour of the Museum of Communism, and visited the Strahov Library and the famous 'Mirror Maze' at Petrin. The boys also enjoyed the opportunity to spend a little free time wandering in Prague’s famous Wenceslas Square.

""“We fitted a great deal into just four days,” said Economics teacher Sonia Strnad, who led the trip and is herself from this part of the world. “The boys had a wonderful opportunity to see three completely different, but internationally renowned, manufacturing operations, as well as to enjoy the historical and picturesque aspects of the city.”

“It really was a wonderful trip,” said Year 13 student, Ralph Flint. “The factory visits helped to reinforce work we’ve covered in Economics lessons, while the city itself is soaked in history. It exceeded our expectations and I would say it’s the best School trip I’ve ever been on.”