Debating teams put up spirited fight

Two QE teams acquitted themselves with merit in highly regarded debating competitions. One team of two Year 12 boys participated in the final of the Cambridge University Schools Debating Competition finals day, whilst eight Year 12 students took part in a European Youth Parliament debate at Westminster.

“Ethan Axelrod and Gabriel Gendler competed alongside the 40 best teams in the country in the Cambridge debate, having won local and regional rounds in a competition with more than 500 teams. Thus, although they weren’t placed, they did tremendously well to get that far,” said Nisha Mayer, teacher in charge of debating.

Four debates were held during the day, with motions such as ‘This House believes that the West should provide financial and military support to opposition groups in oppressive regimes’.

""Ethan Axelrod was joined by Ben Howell, Ben Collins, Kiran Modi, Surya Bowyer, Niam Radia, Ram Popat and Madhi Elango for the European Youth Parliament debate, competing with around a dozen leading schools from across the south east of England.

“The day involved five debates. Our boys successfully opposed a resolution on stem cell research and were very persuasive,” said Mrs Mayer. “Unfortunately only one team out of the ten taking part was selected for the national round and we narrowly missed out.”