Dissection proves big hit

QE boys enjoyed the opportunity to inflate lungs with a rubber tube and to focus a lens from an animal’s eye on newsprint during the Society of Biology’s first-ever national Biology Week.

Lung and eye dissections were among the activities laid on at the School for the week. Other activities at QE included the cultivation of ‘grassy heads’, where grass seed was grown on round head shapes, and the construction of paper skeletons.

“Boys from all years were invited to sign up for a range of events, some of which were targeted at specific year groups,” said Biology teacher Martin Bassett-Jones. “The grassy heads and skeletons have been displayed around the School and have provoked a substantial amount of interest. But I think it’s fair to say the dissection sessions were the most popular.”

""The activities were designed to be stimulating and to go beyond the curriculum for those boys who were keen to learn more.

“Overall the week was a great success and it’s possible that it may become a regular event for us,” said Mr Bassett-Jones.