Double Deutsch

The whole of Year 9 watched a comedy performed entirely in German by a visiting theatre group.

Entitled Zwillinge (Twins), the play, which is new for 2016, centres on the antics of twin brothers Lukas and Dominik, who change places to play a prank on their friend, Anike, when she is revising for a drama examination.

It was performed by two native German actors, one male and one female, from the Onatti theatre company, who specialise in producing plays written especially for foreign language-learners. Zwillinge is intended for pupils in Years 9–11, so the 180-strong QE audience were at the lower end of this age range.

Christopher Kidd, Head of Languages, said: “When the twins switch roles, it led to much laughter. In fact, for boys who have completed only two years of German, they showed an excellent grasp of the language and they were highly commended by the actors involved.”

The 50-minute production included some audience participation, with a number of boys being selected to join the actors on stage.
Onatti also perform plays in French and Spanish.