Flying colours! CCF impress at inspection

QE’s Combined Cadet Force have received a glowing report following their biennial inspection.

Major Andrew Hart visited the cadets during a number of training sessions and inspected and addressed the whole force on parade during the course of his day.

Contingent Commander Captain Alexander Masson, Major Mev Armon, 2nd Lieutenant Richard Scally and School Staff Instructor Charlie-Maud Munro all received Major Hart, who was carrying out the inspection. Lance Sergeant Shapland from the British Army (London District) Cadet Training Team also attended the day to provide weapons training.

The visitors were met by the Cadet Quarter Guard (senior boys) before enjoying tea and cakes with the Headmaster in his study. At the end of the day, Major Hart met Mr Enright again and summarised his findings with him before departure.

""Major Hart said: “From the outset, it was very evident that the CCF played a major role within the School and was an integral part of the after-curricular activities offered. The Headmaster was proud that the CCF helped to develop his students in line with the ethos of the School.”

He noted that the CCF seemed to be very popular: not only does it have more than 100 members, but there was also an ‘on parade’ strength of more than 75 cadets. Such attendance levels are understood to compare very favourably with other schools. This showed, said Major Hart, “a very committed and motivated detachment”.

""He was also impressed by the Quarter Guard: “All…were 16 years of age and had been in the CCF for three years or more. They were well turned out and spoke very confidently and competently. All had enjoyed, and continued to enjoy, the time within the detachment.”

Major Hart witnessed some of the training taking place and noted that, with the exception of a lesson being run by the visiting L/Sgt Shapland, they were run by cadet instructors. Both a lesson led by a Cadet Under Officer on firearms and another, on field craft, led by a Cadet Sergeant, were “extremely good and well delivered and well received”. He further noted: “The real estate at the School was excellent, allowing creative training to take place.”

The Headmaster, Major Hart reported, “is a strong believer in the benefits [the CCF] brings his students and was keen to highlight how it is treated as an integral part of the School.

“During the whole visit it was evident that the welfare and morale of the cadets was excellent,” he concluded.