Further success for School’s mathematicians

Seven Sixth-Formers achieved a certificate of merit at the Senior UK Maths Kangaroo after finishing in the top 25%.

A further 10 boys received a certificate of participation in the competition, which is an invitation-only, follow-on event from the Senior UK Mathematics Challenge.

The highest-scoring participants in the challenge last term qualified for Round 1 of the Senior British Olympiad – in which eight QE boys have subsequently taken part, with three winning medals. The Kangaroo is for strong challenge competitors who just missed out on places in the Olympiad; it aims to set a formidable test of mathematical ability.

It takes the form of a one-hour paper with 20 questions. All the questions require three-digit answers (using leading zeros where necessary) entered on to a machine-readable sheet similar to those used for the Senior Challenge.

“My warmest congratulations go to all involved,” said Wendy Fung, Assistant Head of Mathematics. “Both the Kangaroo and the Olympiad require first-class skills in Mathematics.”

""QE’s highest Kangaroo scorer from Year 12 was Vaheshan Ramaneswaran, with 80 out of 100; the highest scorer from Year 13 was Abhishek Mukherjee, with 65 out of 100.  The other boys who achieved merit certificates were all from Year 12: Andrew Hui (65), Tianlin Zhang (65), Alex Zanre (60), Aronya Roy (60) and Kieran Chan (60).

Certificates of merit are awarded to the top 25% and certificates of participation to the other competitors.