Gabriel takes gold in Junior Olympiad

Three QE boys won medals and certificates of distinction for their performance in the highly prestigious Junior Mathematical Olympiad. Gabriel Gendler took a gold medal for his impressive solutions to the questions, while Madhi Elango gained silver and Bhavik Mehta bronze.

The Olympiad is the follow-on round from the UK Mathematics Trust’s Junior Challenge. A total of 264 QE boys in Years 7 & 8 had entered for the Challenge, with 11 qualifying for the Olympiad. The certificate of distinction is awarded to the top 25% of 1,200 entrants in the Olympiad.

Gabriel also won a book prize – How many socks make a pair by Rob Eastaway – which was awarded only to the top 50 candidates in the Olympiad.His performance therefore places him in the top 4% in the Olympiad and in the top 0.2% among more than 25,000 pupils who entered the Junior Challenge.

“Gabriel was a very worthy recipient of this book prize and Gabriel, Madhi and Bhavik all distinguished themselves in the Olympiad,” said Head of Mathematics, Fauziah Scarisbrick. “Heartiest congratulations to them and congratulations, too, to all the boys who qualified for the Olympiad.”

  • The photo shows some of the boys who qualified for the Olympiad.