GCSE results: QE is top boys’ state school

GCSE results: QE is top boys’ state school

QE is the country’s top-ranked state boys’ school for its GCSE results, according to The Times newspaper.

The School has also drawn national media attention for the exceptional performance of 14 boys who achieved a clean sweep of the new top grade of 9 across Mathematics, English Language and English Literature. Both 8 and 9 are deemed equivalent to the previous A* grade in these subjects.

Since announcing its results, QE has been contacted by, or featured in, The TimesDaily TelegraphGuardian and Daily Mail and has also received extensive local media coverage.

Many journalists focused on the new-style GCSEs for English and Mathematics, which feature new course content as well as the 1–9 grading system, and both The Times and the Telegraph quoted Headmaster Neil Enright on this. “Our boys have taken this challenge in their stride and I am thrilled that so many have achieved the highest possible outcome,” he told the Telegraph.

The Telegraph noted that the number of pupils receiving the top GCSE mark is expected to be cut in half by the new system, and across the country, examinations regulator Ofqual estimates that only 2,000 pupils have achieved 9s in all three of the new GCSEs.

Of the 14 boys who did so at QE, 9 also achieved straight A* grades across all their other subjects.

Mr Enright told The Times that GCSE grades are likely to become of increasing importance for university entrance, since fewer pupils nationally are taking AS levels, which no longer contribute to A-level grades and are a stand-alone qualification.

QE’s results this year constitute a new record for the School, with 69.8% of all examinations taken awarded the top grades – grades 8 and 9 for English and Mathematics, or grade A* for all other subjects – thus beating the 2015 A* figure of 69.6%.

All 181 pupils in Year 11 achieved grades 7-9 (equivalent to A*-A) in Mathematics, with 96% achieving grades 8 or 9 and 70% gaining a 9.

The Times placed QE in third position overall among state schools for its GCSE results, behind two girls’ schools, The Henrietta Barnett School and The Tiffin Girls’ School.

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