GCSE text comes alive

A visit to the School by The Globe Players gave all the pupils in Year 9 an enjoyable introduction to Romeo and Juliet, the Shakespeare play they will be studying in the first term of next school year.

“It was a pleasure to see the boys enjoying an opportunity to watch this important GCSE text come to life on stage,” said English teacher Sarah Snowdon.

“It offered them a memorable way to appreciate the dramatic relationship between characters and themes, and was a useful introduction to next year’s Shakespeare unit.”

The Globe Players, based in Hampton, Middlesex, is a registered charity which aims to inspire and stimulate young minds through high-quality live theatre, employing professional actors, directors and writers.

""The present charity was founded in 2009, but the group traces its origins back to 1966, when The Globe Players Children’s Theatre and Shakespeare Company was founded by actors Faith Noble and Patrick McEvoy. It was a family company, comprising Faith, Patrick and their eldest daughter and son, Jennifer and Michael.

Today The Globe Players work in primary and secondary schools across London and the South East.