Harrisons’ runaway victory

Harrisons’ has won the School’s 2011 Inter-House Music Competition in style – having already run away with the contest by the end of the Junior and Beginner classes.

A combination of the number of Harrisons’ performers entered and their high placings left the other houses trailing in their wake. “The Harrisons’ senior performers were both placed, although their house could not have been caught by the others in any case,” said Director of Music, Kieron Howe, after the Senior Class performances in the Main School Hall brought this year’s competition to a conclusion.

This term’s Intermediate, Singing, Ensemble and Senior classes were all held recently on the same day. The Beginner and Junior classes were held in July.

The adjudicator for the Intermediate, Singing and Ensemble classes was Richard Morrison, Senior Music Critic of The Times, who enjoyed a broad programme with works from Saint-Saëns and Vivaldi to Jardanyi and Bernstein. Ian Hope, the Director of Music at St Margaret’s School in Bushey, was the adjudicator for the Senior Class. Mr Hope has directed, arranged and composed for a huge variety of groups across the country, including the English Schools’ Choir and QE’s own Concert Band.

For the Senior and Intermediate class competitions, Sixth Form house members were given responsibility for selecting some of the soloists and for forming ensembles. They also had the task of organising and directing the rehearsals with no help from any member of staff. “The standard of the performances was excellent and a huge statement to the quality of musicianship in our Sixth-Formers,” said Mr Howe.

The performers were accompanied by Danielle Salamon, one of the Music Department’s instrumental teachers. In recent years she has performed and lectured in London, Paris and across Australia.

The individual winner from the senior competition was Year 12 student, Praveen Prathapan (pictured).