It all adds up to success in the Olympiad

QE boys have achieved considerable success in the prestigious national Junior Mathematical Olympiad, winning a string of certificates and medals.

The Olympiad is the follow-on round to the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust’s Junior Maths Challenge and is open to high scorers in the Challenge. The Challenge is itself aimed at the top 35% of pupils in Year 8 and below.

Eight QE boys qualified for the Olympiad and of these, four were awarded certificates of distinction (Gabriel Gendler, Akshay Shah, Ronak Shah and Andrew Wang).

In addition, Gabriel obtained a gold medal, and Ronak and Andrew were awarded silver for their impressive solutions to the questions.

The top 50 candidates in the competition were also given a book, Knotty Number Problems and Other Puzzles by Ivan Moscovich. Gabriel and Ronak both received this prize.