Jiang-Siang excels in national chemistry competition

Upper Sixth-Former Jian-Siang Poh has been selected to participate in the second round of this year’s Chemistry Olympiad. Last year, only 23 students from across the country reached this stage of the competition.

Round 1 consisted of a two-hour examination which Jian-Siang sat at QE earlier this term, together with classmates Jimmy Lam and Jack Scannell. Rounds 1 and 2 of the competition are organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

“Jiang-Siang scored very highly, achieving a score of 55 out of 64 to secure his place in the next round” says QE’s Head of Science, Malcolm Russell.

The second round takes place at Cambridge University on 27th-29th March and will this year involve around 25 students. From these, four or five will be selected to represent the UK in July at the 41st International Chemistry Olympiad, which is also being held in Cambridge – the first time the international competition has ever come to this country.