Keeping busy? These boys certainly are!

Keeping busy? These boys certainly are!

Year 9 pupil Pratyush Dutta Gupta’s packed holiday programme of lockdown activities featured  sports, baking and making music, to name just three, while other Lower School boys getting creative include Aarav Agarwal, of Year 7, whose painting, above, is inspired by the work of modern impressionist Leonid Afremov.

Among the culinary creations mentioned in the  illustrated Quarantine Diary Pratyush has been keeping are seafood paella, brownies, quiches, quesadillas, gnocchi and cakes.

He burned off all the calories from those through a combination of running (5km), skipping (500 skips in one go) and cycling (two rides, 2km and 5km).

He also combined music and movement by dancing to a Bhangra video from QE History teacher and Extra-curricular Enrichment Tutor Akhil Gohil.

And his own music-making featured strongly, too: Pratyush made several recordings for his YouTube channel, while he also started work on coding his first video game.

Kiaron Lad, of Year 8, was another example of a Lower School boy getting busy during the holidays. In fact, he demonstrated his creative side both in the home and in the great outdoors.

Not only did Kiaron expertly fashion a delicate rose out of white chocolate, but he turned his hand towards making a shoe sculpture from the off-cuts of a tree that he himself had helped to fell.

In Year 7, the boys’ holiday endeavours were just as diverse, with some turning to the opportunities for creativity offered by modern technology and others heading into the kitchen.

The first-year boys’ activities included:

  • Soham Kale making mango ice cream
  • Aadam Aslam learning to cook and doing magic
  • Akhil Potteti and Samhith Agganna getting to grips with video-editing
  • Sai Murarishetty and Harshith Sharavana learning the Python programming language
  • Kayilai Dinesh creating pop-up art.