Learning from the experts at Careers Fair

Thirty professionals who have enjoyed success across diverse fields came to a QE Careers Fair designed to help Year 9 boys plan their future.

The whole of Year 9 was involved in the event, which extended over a full morning and lunchtime and included a number of workshops led by the visiting experts.

Dr Sarah Westcott, Head of Pupil Progression, said: “The aim of the day was to make students consider new and different careers. We especially wanted to underline to the boys that there are various routes into the same career and that over a lifetime they may have many different types of jobs.”

""The year group was split into groups of eight boys, who took part in the series of workshops in rotation. Organised by Dr Westcott and Elaine White, Extra-Curricular Enrichment Tutor, the fair was held in the Main Hall and Conference Centre.

The 30 visitors were representatives from professions including the RAF, engineering, advertising & media, research science, forensic science, business, property management and design.

""The workshops included case studies, business problems and practical scientific challenges, such as the detection of contamination and analysis of a crime scene.

QE provides extensive careers support for its pupils, including an annual Careers Convention in the autumn for Year 11 boys.