Liberal Democrat wins QE Mock Election

Liberal Democrat Kishan Parshotham emerged victorious in the Mock Election at QE after a well fought contest.

Kishan had more first preferences – 34% – than any of the other five candidates and would have been the victor under the First Past The Post (FPTP) system. However, QE adopted the Alternative Vote (AV) system and, since 34% was less than the outright majority required to give him instant victory under AV rules, the second, third and other preferences of lower-ranked candidates were considered until one candidate had more than 50% support. This eventually produced a victory again for Kishan in a run-off against the Labour candidate, Tommy Peto.

The Mock Election attracted wide interest not only from the Sixth Form but also from boys lower down the school. Turn-out was 44%.

To represent their chosen party, boys had to secure five nominees. They then decided on a manifesto and spent time garnering support from all year groups.

The candidates were: Matthew Barrett (Conservative), Tommy Peto (Labour), Kishan Parshotam (Liberal Democrat), Makoto Takahashi (Green Party) and Guy Emanuel (UK Independence Party). David Parkinson was an independent candidate, running for the Independent Left party.

In the run-up to the Mock Election, teacher John Varndell arranged an opinion poll with the help of his form 8S and Politics Club. This poll showed not only the party that the Lower School boys wanted to win – Liberal Democrats, with the Independent and Conservative candidates coming out on top with the older years – but also which policy areas helped them to that choice. In addition, the poll also showed who would have won under the FPTP system and who under the AV system. The AV system is considered by the Electoral Reform Society to be the best voting system when a single position is being elected.

Teacher Helen MacGregor said: “Question time with all six candidates was held a week before polling day. There some excellent points and high-quality debate among the candidates, as well as some good questions from the floor.”

Voting took place on Wednesday 5th May, with the results declared the following day to coincide with the General Election.