London through the ages

Culture and religion were the focus of a Year 7 trip to the Museum of London. Thirty boys toured the galleries, which cover the history of London from pre-Roman times through to the modern day.

“The boys enjoyed the opportunity to discover what London was like during the Pre-historic, Ancient, Mediæval, Early Modern and Modern periods,” said History teacher Kristina Lewis, who organised the trip. “They were told to choose an object to illustrate one key feature of any of these periods and selected a number of interesting artefacts, including mediæval knives. They were also asked to describe and explain the item’s significance and its value to the museum.”

""In addition to the permanent galleries there were a number of exhibitions, including one on the history of bicycles in London and another on royal children.

“We were able to sit outside for lunch – directly next to the remaining parts of the Wall of London, construction of which was started in the 1st Century. It was a very enjoyable day, which combined educational opportunities with fun!” added Miss Lewis.