Mixing media to get message across

Arjun Paliwal (OE 2006-2013) has just completed his first year studying Fine Art at New College, Oxford, where his focus has been on combining film and painting. One of his films – Human – was chosen as one of only ten being shown at the Ruskin Shorts show.

The annual event showcases the diversity of moving image work undertaken by students, alumni and staff of ‘the Ruskin’, Oxford University’s Fine Art department. The show took place at Modern Art Oxford, one of the UK’s leading venues for the presentation of modern and contemporary visual art.

Arjun’s three-minute film has a minimalist sound track and features headings such as ‘Robot’ and ‘It isn’t funny’ interspersed with fast-moving images.

“My films are short as I want them to capture a viewer’s attention from start to finish,” said Arjun. “I find using film and paint allows me to explore human emotion and thought and hopefully engages the viewer in a unique, emotional experience.”

It is not the first time that Arjun’s work has been exhibited publicly. Whilst he was still at School, his A-level examination artwork, entitled Frames, was shortlisted in the Royal Academy’s A-level Summer Exhibition Online. Two of his paintings were also displayed at a New College Garden Exhibition this summer.

“This year, through my painting, I have sought to question the boundary between painting and sculpture in the contemporary art world,” he said.

In addition to his studies, Arjun is taking on the role of President of the Oxford SSSK (Students Supporting Street Kids) and will help to organise and oversee a number of fundraising events, as well as trying to raise awareness.

In the longer term, Arjun would like to work as a product designer. “I hope that my creative exploration at art school will help me develop innovative and engaging designs in the future.”

  • Human can be watched here. Here are links to two other films by Arjun: Criminal and Run.