Mr Michael Noonan: Biography

Michael Noonan, BEd, was appointed Head of Digital Teaching and Learning in April 2023 to provide leadership capacity to the development of the School’s digital education, having served as Head of Technology since 2017.

Mr Noonan has worked at QE for almost all his professional life. Graduating in September 2013 from Limerick, he came to the School in December that year. Appointed Head of Technology in 2017, he has been closely involved in expanding extra-curricular activities in Technology.

“I love the challenge that QE affords our students.  We aim to nurture the perseverance, hard work and determination required to make it to the top by allowing boys to apply the complex principles learned in the classroom to real-life situations.”

He appreciates the gratitude shown by the boys after an enjoyable or interesting lesson and “the voracious and infectious enthusiasm” they evince when engrossed in a project.

Mr Noonan’s own specialisms include Computer-Aided Manufacture/Rapid Prototyping (using 3d routers, laser cutters & 3D printers). “I am also constantly looking to develop in cutting-edge robotics and coding to support our VEX Robotics teams, as well as students incorporating complex electronics into their project work.”

Having created the Digital Literacy course at QE, he is working to support subject leaders to enhance their schemes of work through the use of digital tools and resources, ensuring digital skills are built right across the School’s curriculum.

Mr Noonan has been a mentor with School Direct – the schools-based teacher-training scheme – and a mentor to ECTs (Early Career Teachers).