Multiple awards in British Physics Olympiad AS Challenge

The diligence of QE's Year 12 Physicists has been rewarded with a grand total of 14 awards in this year's Physics Olympiad, run by Oxford University.

Two QE boys, Bhavik Mehta and Robert Swan, were awarded gold with a further five gaining silver and seven winning the two levels of bronze available (listed below). Nationally, most entrants are not placed.

The Olympiad’s AS Challenge is designed to stretch lateral thinking skills and encourage participants to apply fundamental physical principles to novel situations. It comprises a single, one-hour paper made up of a section of multiple-choice questions and a short-answers section.

“This is a very good result and a just reward for the hard work of the boys taking part,” said Physics teacher Ashley Dyson, who organised QE’s participation in the event. “The competition is very challenging as it is aimed at the very top tier of Year 12 students.”

""Silver award winners
Anoshan Ananthajeyasri, Ralph Flint, Vinul Wimalaweera, Alex Zanre and Tianlin Zhang                   

Bronze I award winners
Aronya Roy, Samkit Shah and Jason Wong                    

Bronze II award winners
Harshil Joshi, Kishan Makwana, Vishnu Pahwa and Harshil Sumaria