Naval reactors? Armistice Day anagrams round added to this year’s FQE Quiz Supper

Naval reactors? Armistice Day anagrams round added to this year’s FQE Quiz Supper

The 2017 FQE Quiz Supper brought together parents, governors and staff past and present for an evening of fun, fundraising…and quite a lot head-scratching, too.

As well as the quiz and a choice of fish and chips or vegetable curry for supper, the evening featured a raffle, which raised £300, and a Heads & Tails game. Since this year’s event fell on Armistice Day, the quiz included a round comprising World War II anagrams.

Headmaster Neil Enright said: “This was a thoroughly convivial occasion and my thanks go to all the Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s supporters who did so much to ensure everything ran smoothly.”

The quiz tested not only general knowledge, but also included an observation round, a picture round, a ‘ditloid’ round of alpha-numerical puzzles and a round of cryptic clues to the names of tube s tations.

Quizmasters and foremost among the organisers were the Forrester family (former parents, Peter and Karen, who continue to serve on the FQE Executive Committee, together with their son William (OE 2009-2016), who is now in his second year reading Aerospace Engineering at Sheffield and made the journey from South Yorkshire for the event) and FQE Secretary Diane Mason, with her husband, George.

The catering team was headed by two FQE Executives who are also governors of the School: Caroline Martin, the mother of pupil George Raynor in Year 10, and Tricia Reid, mother of Christopher Reid in Year 10. They were supported by Priya Raykar (mum to Year 9 boy Manomay Lala-Raykar) and Shruthi Belavadi  (mother of Rahul in Year 8 and Rohan in Year 7), who together made the curry, and by Adrian Sandu (father of David in Year 12), who ran the bar.

Former staff members Margaret Gibson and Sara Harrison organised the sale of raffle tickets, while current teachers featured among the quiz teams. One strongly performing team was put forward by the Science department, featuring Gillian Deakin, Georgina Garfield, Melanie Haj Hussein, Jonathan Leigh and John Varndell.

Another leading team included teachers from the Languages department –  Corinna Illingworth, Gill Ross and Helen Shephard – together with the Chairman of Governors, Barrie Martin MBE, and his wife, Perin.

In the end, however, victory went to a table organised by Mr and Mrs Docherty (parents of Alex Docherty in Year 8), with Alex himself a member of the winning team.

Here are some sample questions from the quiz (answers below):

    • Can you name the only English pope?
    • What did French engineer Louis Réard introduce to the beach in 1946?
    • Who invented the concept the of the travel agency in 1841?
    • Which celebrated British scientist is commonly attributed with having invented the cat flap?
    • Which is the most recent National Park, founded in 2011?
    • Name the cryptic tube station: Up the wrong tree
    • Eugene Vidocq helped Sir Robert Peel set up which London police unit?
    • By what name is Richard Bingham better known?
    • Who said: “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”?
    • 70 SL on a M (Example: 1440 M in a D = 1440 Minutes in a Day)


Anagram in the headline: Naval Reactors = Avro Lancaster

    • Nicholas Breakspear (1100–1156) a.k.a. Pope Adrian IV
    • The bikini
    • Thomas Cook
    • Isaac Newton
    • South Downs
    • Barking
    • Scotland Yard
    • Lord ‘Lucky’ Lucan
    • Mark Twain
    • Speed limit on motorways