Never say never! High-achieving Amar bids to become a Latin pop star with the release of a “foot-tapping and vibrant” summer dance track

Never say never! High-achieving Amar bids to become a Latin pop star with the release of a “foot-tapping and vibrant” summer dance track

“I have always had two main ambitions in life: to become a doctor and an international superstar,” says Amar Chotai.

And having already become a Registrar in Clinical Radiology, Amar (OE 1999–2006) is now well on the way to achieving this unlikely double. With his recently released song, Nunca Digas Adios, he and his record company are aiming to tap into the current global – and British – enthusiasm for Latin pop.

“Initially, we had a vision of releasing romantic ballads, as this is my forte. However, seeing the success of Despacito by the fabulous Luis Fonsi, we embarked on this exciting venture. Secretly, also, I always wanted to release a big summer dance track – something foot-tapping and vibrant – and this was my opportunity!”

“The song is very special to me because it came to me in a dream at a time when I was struggling to pin down a powerful idea, despite having several. I remember waking up with my mind buzzing! I recorded the main bulk of the melody and lyrics on my phone instantly. Within the hour, at my piano, I had the song complete and I knew this was the one… the rest, as they say, is history.

“It is about undying and everlasting love; something which is quite rare today. Igniting love is often the simple part. However, building that sustainability and strength in a relationship is extremely difficult and many people press the ‘quit’ button too soon. The Spanish lines within the chorus – ‘nunca digas adios’ (never say goodbye)’ and ‘nunca digas nunca’ (never say never) – describe never giving up on someone during a difficult period, when you know they are a diamond and worth fighting for!

“My message to my fellow QE old boys is: ‘I hope you enjoy the track! Please share and spread the word… Thank you.’”

Amar’s vocal talents came to the fore during his time at QE: he was in the School Choir all the way from Year 7–13, under the guidance of then-Director of Music Kieron Howe. “I started as a soprano and finished as a tenor. I did several solo performances at concerts, the Christmas Carol Services and most notably the Royal Albert Hall, which was a very enriching experience.

“I really enjoyed my time at QE and, upon reflection now, I realise how much I learnt during those seven years, and how those lessons and experiences have helped in the last 10 years or so. The School taught me a great sense of responsibility and leadership through being a Senior Prefect and House Captain (Leicester).” Among the highlights he remembers are leading a project which raised £3,000 for Cancer Research UK. “I do miss the endless public-speaking and debating competitions, which were a lot of fun, but definitely not the ‘elephant dip’ in those tough cross country runs!”

Amar remains close to many alumni, especially Amar Shah, Joe Fernandes and Advait Kapadia. “It’s great to know that we have maintained a strong relationship over the past 20 years, and long may that continue. There are QE boys in many different walks of life and I commonly bump into people that I haven’t seen in a while, which is great.

“At 18, I was torn between the two contrasting careers – medicine and music. I know they are at different ends of the spectrum, but for me, they are intricately linked, as both have the ability to create happiness and peace.

“I opted for the former because that would allow me to have a level of stability upon which the second could hopefully flourish one day.” After obtaining a first in Biomaterials Science at King’s College London and completing his MBBS and foundation training, he obtained the Registrar post at the Northern School of Radiology in Newcastle upon Tyne, where he now lives.

“I decided to take a sabbatical between my first and second years of training to explore the music industry better. This was a whirlwind of a year and I did a total of approximately 60 live performances. During the latter stages of the year (August 2016), I released my debut single Girl I Miss You, which led me to being signed by record label, Rise International Music Ltd. I am currently managed by the label’s boss, Mario Anastasiades, and am very fortunate to have a great production, creative and marketing team behind me.”

Amar is married to “a wonderful lady called Meshali. She has been extremely supportive of my musical journey and made many sacrifices to allow me to undertake what I need to. I owe all of my success to her!”

Headmaster Neil Enright said he hoped alumni would “get behind Amar with this very exciting project. His next track, Señorita, will be released at the beginning of August.”





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