New School Development Plan launched

Queen Elizabeth’s School draws on recent experience and on a long and proud history as it plans for the next four years.

The 2016-2020 School Development Plan represents the culmination of a year of consultation. It builds on the success of the previous plan, covering 2012-2016. And in their front-page message for the new plan, Chairman of Governors Barrie Martin MBE and Headmaster Neil Enright draw inspiration from centuries past, citing both the School’s 1573 foundation Charter and the School Chronicle, which was originally written in 1930.

"" “The careful wording of both documents reflects an understanding that in a truly successful school, the development of character and positive personal qualities is as important as a focus on outstanding academic outcomes,” write Mr Martin and Mr Enright.

""As part of the consultation process, surveys were conducted involving all staff and parents. In addition, there was in-depth consultation with QE’s four Assistant Heads, each of whom has an area of responsibility corresponding to the four major themes set out in the plan. These themes are:

  • Meeting academic challenges, overseen by Anne Macdonald, Assistant Head in Charge of Teaching and Learning;
  • ""Benefiting from involvement, overseen by Michael Taylor, Assistant Head in Charge of the Lower School and Enrichment;
  • Enhancing future prospects, overseen by David Ryan, Assistant Head in Charge of the Upper School and Pupil Progression;
  • Facilitating school progress, overseen by Emi Aghdiran, Assistant Head and School Business Manager.

""The back page of the plan features a diagram which shows the equal importance attached by the School to achieving excellent academic results and to the development of good character. The diagram sets out how these are underpinned by what takes place both within and beyond the classroom, thus underlining the importance of extra-curricular activities.