Nurturing and celebrating success: Senior Awards 2010

More than 120 prizes were awarded during QE’s Senior Awards ceremony, which is a celebration both of individual success and of the meritocratic values of the School.

In his welcome, Headmaster John Marincowitz praised the efforts and achievements of students in Years 10 and 11 and the Sixth Form.

“Those who comprise an élite in education that is based upon fair, transparent and meritocratic processes deserve careful nurturing. Those among them that prove to be outstanding warrant recognition and celebration: that is the purpose of this occasion,” said Dr Marincowitz.

He reminded the audience that all countries aspiring to be developed strive to identify and nurture their most gifted students, in order that these nations can excel in science, engineering, law, national administration, medicine and the arts. “Few could object to the rationale behind this, save those for whom universal mediocrity is a price worth paying for social equality. Of course, making everyone alike is very different from treating everyone fairly,” he added.

The Guest of Honour at the ceremony in the School Hall was Professor Richard Trainor, Principal of King’s College, London.

There were subject prizes for each age group, as well as a variety of other awards, ranging, for example, from the Harold E. Fern Prize for Social Service to the John Bond Lee Prize for Classics. The awards included a number of prizes endowed by the Endowment Fund of the Schools of Queen Elizabeth the First, Barnet.

During the evening, the musical divertissements led by Director of Music Kieron Howe included Rachmaninoff’s Polichinelle (Op.3 No.4) played by Simon McKenzie (piano) and Monti’s Czardas, with Eigo Takeda playing the violin.